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News and Happenings Around the Studio!

Schoeps in the Studio!

December 22, 2020

Next addition to the mic locker, a wonderful pair of Schoeps CMCs, great small diaphragm mics perfect for nearly everything instrumental. Looking forward to using these great mics.

We've acquired an API style "Lunchbox!"

November 10, 2020

New tech acquisition to the studio: we've acquired an API style "lunchbox,"which we're going to load up with high-quality pre-amps for great high-quality on-location recordings. We're getting some Neve 88r's, API 512c, and Fredenstein amps! We're going to have some great color combinations.

Website is Live!

October 1, 2020

The studio has a shiny new website! We've got all the info about the company uploaded and some nice headshots, as well as access to some portfolio entries!